Spiro-X is comprised of a peer-to-peer Client architecture that is controlled by a single Spiro-X Server component. Peer-to-peer communication is used to query or modify endpoints within the network. The system is managed through the Spiro-X Console interface in any Flash- enabled browser. All of the data visible on the console is also available through a SOAP interface, allowing integration with other systems.

The Spiro-X Server component is typically installed on a Windows Server. A SQL Server database is also required. For the TOE evaluated configuration this is installed on a separate server. The Spiro-X Server package includes an Apache HTTP Server with a PHP database interface to the SQL Server, which together host the Console web interface used by administrators to manage Spiro-X Platform. In addition, the Spiro-X Server hosts a Spiro-X Server service, which handles all communication with the Clients.

UDAX (UnifyX Data Analytics)

UDAX tool enables you to explore, combine, and transform data diverse datasets for downstream analysis.

Within an enterprise, data required for the key decisions typically resides in various sources. It comes in different formats, featuring different types. It is often inconsistent data. It may require refactoring in some form for different customers. All of this work must be done before you can begin extracting information valuable to the organization.

Data preparation has been a constant challenge for decades, and that challenge has only amplified as data volumes have exploded. UDAX will solve most complex data using transformations.